Political Fighting series

Political Fighting is a unique satirical series of mobile games in which players can fight with political characters. The feature of our games is adaptation to every country where the game is being released — adapted campaigns, characters, their live audio phrases, special abilities and locations.

Our main mission, which we set ourselves for Political Fighting series, is to raise public interest in political life, especially among young people. It’s a unique product basing on fact that political life remains unbelievably interesting topic in all societies, even if it is implemented into an entertaining segment. Our games show that politicians are not untouchable and irreplaceable, but often ridiculous, and aim to make an average citizen being interested in political life.

Українські політичні бої (Ukrainian Political Fighting) 

Sfida Politica Italiana (Italian Political Fighting) 

České politické boje (Czech Political Fighting) 

日本の政治闘争 (Japanese Political Fighting) 


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